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Santa's little helper event |

Everyone who has watched an episode of The Simpsons will know who Santa's Little Helper is.

He is a messy, devastating, and very adorable old race dog that the whole family loves.

But so are the creators of The Simpsons, they love him.

He was created to be as realistic as a cartoon dog could be, and he is for sure.

Here are 10 interesting facts about Santa's Little Maid.

Santa's Little Helper was created to be a real dog.


Despite some of her quirky cuteness, the Simpson family's Santa's Little Helper is actually quite practical.

Unlike most of his cartoon brethren, who get dressed, walk on hind legs and talk, Matt Groening created Santa's Little Maid to resemble a real dog

He's energetic, playful, eager to learn and most of all, he can be devastating sometimes.

Let's not forget all the times that the Simpsons left him at home alone just to return to a tattered sofa and an old item!

Little Helper's Santa's core trait reflects Homer's traits.


Some staff on The Simpsons have pointed out that they write Homer the same way they do Santa's Little Helper.

Writer John Swartzwelder once said, “Both are loyal.

Santa's Little Helper's race number is No. 8.


This makes sense because he made his debut on the episode ‘Simpsons Roasting on an Open Fire‘, and this is the eighth episode produced by the staff of The Simpsons.

However, this is the first episode of The Simpsons to air and writer Al Jean commented on this that "the next seven episodes are without a dog, people wonder why".

Santa's little maid bred two sets of puppies.


He fathered a pack of 25 puppies with the greyhound She's The Fastest in the episode ‘Two Dozen and One Greyhounds‘.

They were kidnapped by C. Montgomery Burns, who wanted to turn them into a jacket, Cruella De Vil-style, after all, you can recall seeing his vest, his vest

In the end, however, Monty decided not to skin for his jacket and they all turned out to be championship racers who brought him an amazing 10 million dollars.

The second batch of 8 Greyhound-Poodle hybrids was raised by Dr. Hibbert's poodle Rosa Barks after Santa's Little Maid paid her 'a late night booty call' in the episode.

Dan Castellaneta (Homer's voice) has been voicing Santa's Little Helper since 1995.


Sound effects for Santa's Little Helper originally came from voice actor Frank Welker.

However, Dan Castellaneta started making noises for Santa's Little Helper in 1995, after making a barking noise in a few episodes.

It is suggested that Santa's Little Maid is bisexual.


Oh, and probably had a one-night affair with Snowball V.

As a proud parade of gay people paraded down Evergreen Terrace, Santa's little maid gasped in excitement after a member of the Gay Dog Alliance winked at him.

Because he was too excited, he joined the dogs. Santa's little housekeeper forgot he was being leashed and was snatched back.

The morning after the Simpsons family's frantic New Year's party, both Snowball V and Santa's Little Maid leave the barn, both looking ashamed of what happened the night before.

Santa's Little Helper has only one sibling known as an older brother.


In the episode ‘The Bonfire of The Manatees’ Homer brings the family to visit their 'country cousins' on a rural farm.

At the ranch is Santa's Little Helper's brother (unnamed), owned by rancher Les.

When Bart asked one of the children on the farm how they were related, the kid told him it was because their dogs were brothers.

The writers didn't make a long-term plan when they came up with the dog's name.


When writing the episode that the family dog came out, the screenwriters said they had retreated into a corner: all was written except for the dog's name.

They need something related to Christmas, a omen stupid enough to make Homer bet on the family Christmas fund.

But as writer Al Jean said, "We don't consider what might happen ten years from now, when we have to use this name."

The Simpsons staff love to write Santa's Little Helper.


The creators of The Simpsons loved writing Santa's Little Helpers when they wrote the episode ‘Simpsons Roasting on an Open Fire‘.

Because of this, they decided to focus more on him in the future.

As of now, Santa's Little Helper has appeared in 50 episodes.


51, if you count the movie.

That's right, the Simpsons dog has appeared in half a hundred episodes, most of which is where he plays a major role in moving the plot of the episodes or where he himself is the main plot point.

For a cartoon dog born without a name is not too bad!