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10 great truths about michelangelo

Michelangelo is one of the most famous sculptors and artists in the world of all time.

The Renaissance artist of the Italians has influenced the future of Western art and is one of the most successful artists in his time.

Michelangelo's works can be seen throughout Italy, but the Sistine chapel in the Vatican city is the most known.

Here are 10 great truths about Michelangelo.

As well as a sculptor and artist, Michelangelo is also a poet.


Michelangelo is known mainly with famous sculptures and paintings in Sistine chapel, but he also wrote.

About 300-500 his poem still exists today as evidence of his creative writing ability.

Trong suốt cuộc đời của mình, người ta ước tính rằng ông đã viết vài trăm sonnets và madrigals.

A common topic in his writing is sex and romance.

Không có bài thơ hay bài thơ nào của Michelangelo, chính thức được xuất bản trong suốt cuộc đời của ông.

However, a strange thing has been very popular in the 16th century literature.

The Michelangelo Committee of the Sistine Chapel is part of the sabotage conspiracy.


When Michelangelo was tasked with drawing inside the Sistine chapel, he was known for his sculpture.

He rushed into painting, but that was not his expertise.

Pope Julius chose Michelangelo because another revival artist introduced him.

Knowing that the picture was not his professional means, Raphael said that Michelangelo was a suitable person, hoping that it would be a disaster and sabotage Michelangelo's career, as an artist.

Raphael was originally chosen by the Pope to get the job done but established Michelangelo for failure.

Michelangelo biết đây sẽ là một thách thức và lúc đầu do dự trong việc chấp nhận lời mời làm việc.

In the end, he accepted it, and the masterpiece took four years to complete.

He designed the fortifications for the city of Florence.


Passionate for his birthplace, Michelangelo had the opportunity to design the fortifications of the city of Florence.

In 1527, the Medici family was deported, and the Republic of the Republic was responsible.

Michelangelo was proposed to be the director of the city's fortifications.

Vào thời điểm đó, nó gây tranh cãi khi Michelangelo đang làm việc cho Medici Pope Clement VII nhưng công khai ủng hộ và ủng hộ sự cai trị của đảng Cộng hòa.

Pope Clement VII may have done Michelangelo for his actions, but instead forgive Michelangelo for this treason and even rented him.

Michelangelo worked with nine different pope.


Michelangelo's career, lasting 70 years of life, and during that time, he had a lot of roses.

Throughout his career, he worked with nine different pieces on both personal works and public works.

Michelangelo has worked in large -scale projects, such as painting Sistine chapel and hand -touch buttons for the pope.

His first committee was from Pope Julius II, and the last pope he worked was Pius IV.

Michelangelo included himself in the picture of the Sistine chapel.


Michelangelo only signed a work of art with her written signature.

Đây là trên Pietà, kiệt tác điêu khắc đầu tiên của ông.

It was good, and from a young artist that everyone believed it was his work, so he carved his name on Sash Mary Mary.

From this point on his painting, his signature has become a picture in the masterpiece.

The most famous selfie is in the last, Fresco Fresco, located on the wall of the Sistine chapel.

Chân dung tự họa của Michelangelo, dường như nằm trên làn da của chính con người của mình, mà Thánh Bartholomew giữ trong sự kìm kẹp của mình.

Michelangelo has never been married.


People know very little about Michelangelo's love life, but one thing is for sure, he wrote a love letter and Sonnet.

It was revealed that most of his passionate love poems were written for young men.

Tommaso Dei Cavalieri received many romance from Michelangelo, and it seemed like he felt something for Cavalieri.

Sau này trong cuộc sống, Michelangelo được phát hiện đang viết Sonnets cho Vittoria Colonna;

Colonna is also a poet, and it seems that they have developed a romantic friendship over the years, writing Sonnet versions together.

Ông là nghệ sĩ phương Tây sống đầu tiên xuất bản tiểu sử.


There are even two rival biography about Michelangelo throughout his life.

Họa sĩ và kiến trúc sư Giorgio Vasari là người đầu tiên xuất bản tiểu sử của Michelangelo.

Chương về Michelangelo là một phần của một loạt các tiểu sử dựa trên cuộc sống của nghệ sĩ vào khoảng năm 1550.

Michelangelo is the only artist in the book that is still alive when it is published.

Michelangelo was impressed by the chapter of herself;

This short biography was written in 1553 and is said to have been written how Michelangelo wants to be described.

Michelangelo lives like a poor man.


Despite his difficult work and being one of the most known artists and sculptors in the world, he lived as a poor man.




It is said that sometimes Michelangelo will sleep in clothes and shoes.

This behavior shows that even though he earns well and has the opportunity to live a great life, he chose.

He worked until the week he died.


Michelangelo is a hard -working person and passionate about his work.

This means that even if he becomes too weak to draw on the spot, he will still manage and monitor projects with his name.

It was not surprising, according to his difficult work, he died a rich man.

His biography showed that he was content with a simple life and continued to work at home until he died.

He was born on March 6, 1475 and died on February 18, 1564, at the age of 88, for a long time.

Kết quả là, khi Michelangelo qua đời, bất động sản của ông có giá trị 50.000 florin vào thời điểm đó.

David's statue was carved from a piece of stone thrown.


Michelangelo nổi tiếng với các tác phẩm điêu khắc bằng đá cẩm thạch tuyệt đẹp và thói quen chọn lọc của mình.

Ông đã cẩn thận chọn từng mảnh đá cẩm thạch có chọn lọc cho một tác phẩm điêu khắc để đảm bảo độ bền của nó.

Tuy nhiên, bức tượng David nổi tiếng thế giới đã được chạm khắc từ một mảnh đá cẩm thạch bị vứt bỏ.

The work was exploited and then left about 40 years before Michelangelo touched it.

The sheet has received a chisel and has a rough surface from decades in contact with factors.

This has prevented Michelangelo's determination, to engrave a 17 -foot (5.18 meter) David statue from it.

Ông bắt đầu dự án ba năm của mình để điêu khắc bức tượng David vào ngày 13 tháng 9 năm 1501.

Đáng buồn thay, một phân tích gần đây của David đã cho thấy sự suy giảm nhanh hơn so với các bức tượng đá cẩm thạch khác cùng tuổi.

It is thought that the initial poor quality of marble means its durability is limited.

Michelangelo is one of the most influential artists in the world of all time.

His work is admired by thousands of tourists every year, and he is an important part of global art history.

Michelangelo is a man with many talents, and we will continue to learn from his painting and sculpture techniques.