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7 super truth about Nintendo from Mario

If you are a 90 -year -old child like me, maybe you have played Mario at some point in your childhood - definitely the most iconic and widely recognized character of Nintendo!


Nổi tiếng như thợ sửa ống nước cũng có thể, không nhiều người biết về sự khởi đầu hoặc lịch sử khiêm tốn của anh ta.

Therefore, there is no need to advertise more, these are some truths that attract the attention of the man himself.

Mario's first appearance, along with Donkey Kong.


Mario first appeared in the video game Kong Kong Kong 1981.

However, at that time, he was known as Jump Man and a commercial carpenter rather than a plumber.



Mario was only created for a simple fact;

Popeye will be the main character in this game that will fight Bluto to save olive oil.

Thay vào đó, Mario được sinh ra, người sống để chiến đấu với Donkey Kong và cứu công chúa.

Mario is the number one producer of Nintendo.


There is no secret that Mario himself is considered the most famous mascot of Nintendo.

Mario has starred in more than 200 matches and is a great contribution to the incredible net value of Nintendo to 66.05 billion USD (2022).

Mario's famous Mustache is a design decision.


Bộ ria và mũ mang tính biểu tượng của anh chỉ được thiết kế do giới hạn đồ họa 8 bit tại thời điểm đó.

Instead of hair and mouth, it will be much easier to make the character a hat and no mouth can be seen.

Mario luôn luôn là một anh hùng.


Mario is famous for playing a good guy, but surprisingly, Mario is in fact, a villain.

In 1982, Don Donkey Kong Jr., Mario was standing to protect a donkey locked with a whip.

Donkey Kong Jr. thực sự là anh hùng.

Super Mushroom ban đầu có một cái tên khác.


With about 78 different Mario mushrooms that appear in the Mario Olympics, the most famous is red and white spots, also known as Super Mushroom.

This is originally called magic mushrooms but has soon changed, as you can guess why.

Its appearance is similar to that look like Agaric Agaric mushrooms in real life;

Super Mario Bros, the film is a disaster.


Super Mario Bros was released in 1993 but unfortunately known as a box office.


Another star of Hollywood did not participate in the film, Arnold Schwarzenegger, who rejected a part of King Koopa.

So you have it, a short history and some interesting facts about the famous Italian plumbing, Mario.