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Half a dozen egg events are really cracked

Eggs can be prepared in many ways and can be used for different things like food, decoration, cake and handling simple household problems such as slugs and dyed cups!

Here are half a dozen truths about eggs that you should know.

Chicken eggs are not only white and brown.


It depends on egg laying chickens like what eggs will be colored.

Eggs can be blue, green, reddish brown or even speckled.

You can see how old eggs by putting it in the water.


All you need to do is fill a bowl with plenty of water and drop eggs in.

If the egg sinks to the bottom, this means it's fresh.

If it floats to the top, it is no longer fresh.

About 75 billion eggs are produced in the United States every year.


This is about ten percent of the total world!

However, the United States is not the largest egg supplier, because, in China, there are more than 390 billion eggs produced every year, about half of the world's egg supply.

Chicken is not the only bird lying at eggs.


Just because this is the most popular, don't forget other laying birds like ducks, emu, geese, Turkey, ostrich and quail.



This is due to the fresh eggs, the white sticks close to the shell, making it difficult to remove more than once boiled.

Eggs can be used to treat wounds.


The white surrounding membrane and eggs can be used to treat fever, heal small wounds, treat bruises, reduce scars, soothe sunburns, draw debris and stop bleeding.

If you have any truth related to any great eggs, please share them in the comments!