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9 interesting facts about Nintendo switches

The Nintendo switch is one of the world's first game control panels as mobile and can be used with TV.

But how Nintendo gives with the concept, and why is it designed in this way?

Here are 9 interesting facts about the Nintendo switch.

The switch is the first hybrid panel in the world.


Nintendo switch was designed in 2016 and was released in 2017.

It is the first hybrid control panel design in the world, which means it can be used with TV as well as mobile.

The separate screen means when you are traveling, you can use the main screen to play.

But when you are at home, you can just plug in your TV and it will become the main screen to play.

This is the first panel that combines the benefits of playing at home with the ability to play while moving.

The switch has an integrated pleasure search engine.



Fortunately the switch has an integrated search tool.

All you have to do

From there, you can make your joy vibrate as required so you can run around the house looking for it.

Talk about remotely, if you have smart TVs, the switch can also be used to turn on your TV.

When connected to your TV, as soon as you click the "Turn" button on the switch, your TV will turn on.

By 2021 nearly 80 million switches were sold.


The Nintendo switch sold nearly 80 million dashboards worldwide in 2021 since the launch on March 3, 2017.

The switch is Nintendo's hope to recover after the poor sales of Wii U.

One of the main reasons for high sales is the fact that it is the first hybrid control panel in the world, as well as having exclusive games.

Because Nintendo owns games like legends about Zelda, Mario and Pokémon, this is great leverage to get fans to buy switches.

If you want to play these games, you must have a nintendo control panel and the switch is the first standing panel produced by Nintendo since Wii in 2006.

Since March 2018, only one year after its release, about five million switches sold in the United States, making it the best-selling video game control panel of all time.

In the first two years of launch, the four million control panels were sold in Japan and 1 million in France.

Bluetooth controller means you are flexible with playing.


The controller for the switch is called fun.

Joy-Connect connects to the Bluetooth switch, which means you can connect multiple devices.

You can connect up to eight joy-drawbacks for a switch!

Another benefit of Bluetooth is connecting to other devices such as your laptop or phone.

This opens a whole new game world on the go.

Nintendo Labo is created specifically for use with switches.


Nintendo Labo was released in 2018 and provided a variety of extended packages to convert.

It is designed by Kouchi Kawamoto Japanese Japanese game manufacturer.

The concept behind Labo is a player who can buy kits to build their own physical utilities for the device.

For example, there is a set that allows you to create a VR type headset to hold the switch screen.

This means you can play the game will act as a virtual reality game.

The idea is to encourage children to creates their plays and become more immersed in the design aspect.


The switch allows you to watch your play hours.


The switch is one of the first panel that allows you to see your total play time.

This feature stones after 10 days of playing, and it can provide useful statistics on your gameplay.

This feature may not attract everyone;

Features can only be used when connected to the Internet, but it's a great way to see if you spend too much time on your switch.

You can turn your joy into a Lightaber!


Using Labo creative kits, you can turn your joy into a light.

Star Wars's special laco allows you to build a cardboard extension to your controller used in VR settings.

This will allow you to use Joy-Con-Con to double hands with friends, Star Wars Style.

You can connect


This is one of the less known features of the switch but is something unique.

It is becoming increasingly popular to design devices that can be connected, so you create a common experience when you

The Nintendo switch can connect to another screen to join the screen.

This means with certain games, you can play on both, creating an interesting general experience.

You can connect up to eight switches via Wi-Fi.

There are three different types of Nintendo switches.


There is a "original" switch, the original is modified and also has the Lite switch.

The original switch is the main control panel built by Nintendo under the conversion name.

However, this was adapted in August 2019 to create a revised switch.

The main difference improved battery life.

Soon after, in September 2019, the Lite switch was released.

It is a smaller, smaller version of the switch with fewer features.

Although Lite switches are considered smaller devices, it actually has the same ability and speed running as the original switch, making it faster because it is a less complicated device.

The switch made Nintendo back to the gaming market.

After the sales of Wii U, Nintendo turned his head when they released the switch.

The switch is the world's first hybrid gaming dashboard that sells millions of parts after debuting.