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8 truth enchanting about Witchcraft school and magician Hogwarts

Hogwarts is the introduction of Harry Potter to Witchcraft and Wizardry really started.

Not only means to do Potter and his journey, but it also serves as the main position throughout the series written by J.K Rowling.

Hogwarts is a reputable witch based in the UK and is the best in Europe.

Its history means it is a complex building that holds a lot of mysteries and secrets not told.

Here are eight interesting facts about Hogwarts.

There are more than 20 towers in Hogwarts.


Hogwarts's castle has 12 main towers and about 12 small towers.

The highest tower Hogwarts castle is astronomical tower.

This is where astronomy lessons are organized and where Snape killed Dumbledore.

Dark Tower is the most mysterious person in all of them due to use, or missing.

It's the least visited by its position on the seventh floor landing.

The dark tower is made from rugged stones and even a private prison at the top.

Prison includes a stone bench and chains.

Hogwarts was founded in the 10th century.


Four founders of Hogwarts are Godric Gryffindor, Salazar Slytherin, Rowena Ravenclaw and Helga Hufflepuff.

Two witches and two hogwarts founded wizards are about 990ad.

Each founder represents a personality trait they want to give students.

Immediately after the establishment of the school, they did not agree with Slytherin about school

Slytherin thinks that only pure blood students deserve to school, and half blood and muggles are not welcome.

However, three other founders did not agree, leading to Slytherin leaving schools.


Every magic child is enrolled in Hogwarts when they are born.


When a witch, witch or children have the ability to produce magic, they will automatically subscribe to the registry to attend Hogwarts.

There is a magic quill called Quill accepted.

It is located in Hogwarts discovered when a magic child was born and wrote their names in enrollment books.

The book was placed in a small tower in a small tower, and it was never touched by a man since then.

On the 11th birthday of children, an employee or a chasy of owls sent to students with an invitation to Hogwarts.

No wizard has ever seen the active book, and it is the only registration method used by the school.

The second weleg war ended at Hogwarts.


Known as the Hogwarts battle, taking place in 1998, this is the end of a big fight.

Sadly in battle, most castles were destroyed.

However, Hogwarts has its own strength and is capable of regenerating and healing itself.

This means that in a short time, the building has been restored and may still open.

Electronics does not work at Hogwarts for intervention.


You may wonder why we don't see any wizard with any mobile phone, computer or any electrical device at Hogwarts.

This is due to the amount of noise caused by magic.

Many electrical equipment will not work at Hogwarts or in many areas with long beans of the witch's world for this.

The high levels of magic make Muggle devices go wild.

However, Radio Wizard operates at Hogwarts because they are a magic imitation of Muggle Radio.

There are no other mimics of electronic devices.

Plus, who needs the phone when you can

An Anne Boleyn's picture hung at Hogwarts.


There was a portrait of King Henry VIII Anne Boleyn Hung in the Grand Staircase Hall.

She is his queen with King Henry VIII and mother to Elizabeth I.

Her portrait sat near the second floor landing.

Muggles believe that Boleyn is a witch, and has rumors that she is a Squib.

Squib is a miraculous child born by magic parents.




When J.K Rowling was asked why she chose this

Rowling said she thought that the motto of the school was quite frustrated and forgotten.

Usually a field motto will include some inspiring citations to emphasize determination and disadvantages.

However, Rowling wants something, while being a useful information, is also fun.

There are 142 stairs in Hogwarts.


Hogwarts is famous for its mysterious stairs leading to unknown things.

There are 142 stairs in Hogwarts leading to dungeons, towers, dormitories, classrooms and mysterious locations.

No one in the witch world knows everything about Hogwarts, and this includes a number of stairs leading to.

The most famous staircase is a large staircase that is seen regularly in MOV

The large staircase has a mind of its own and sometimes will trick the students with the wrong steps, which means they are in them.

Another odd feature of Hogwarts's stairs is a staircase leading to the girl's seductor.


Summary is

Hogwarts is the most important set of Harry Potter's most important films & books.

It is an old castle with haunted, with many mysteries and unknown features.

The incredible structure design is based on a real real life church and castle, with complex furniture inspired by the witch world.

Not everything known about Hogwarts, so its mysterious towers and corridors will continue to be attractive and obsessed in the coming years.