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5 interesting facts about China's big wall

A fascinating artificial structure, China's gross school can be seen from space.

Read about the more interesting facts about this great inspiration.

Many Chinese schools solids through many provinces of China.


It passes through places including the famous capital, Beijing, has more than 14 million people.

Armor what is called Mongolia and Manchuria, Van Ly Truong Thanh was built as a defensive persecution, in the Great Wall of the war countries.

Running for Several Thousand Miles (3,728 Miles To Be Exact), It Has Become A Great Tourist Attraction and the Aim of Many Charity Goals to Worthwhile Caisees.

Construction begins in 221-210 BC.


The construction of the Great Wall started in QIN dynasty, named Qin Shi Huangdi ruler.

Now, in Shandong Province, the wall runs from Pinyin in the west, around the northern ridge of the ears of the ears, and ends at the coast.

When Qin Shi Huangdi ordered construction walls to be built, more than 500,000 farmers were ordered to support construction.

The construction of the wall continues in the Northern Wei rule (Advertising 386-534).

607-608 AD saw North and South political departments shake, and 1,000,000 people were ordered to continue working on excellent structure.

These faded numbers compared to millions of workers signed in the Ming dynasty (1386-1644).

Their work is to modernize, consolidate and expand walls.

Sadly in the process of working, thousands of people died from accidents, exposed to elements, physical exhaustion and illness.

Handcarts have been used on flat landscapes and gentle slope.


Goats and tricks have been used to pull bricks and lime.

Those are harsh work, constantly (some people can coin phrase; blood, sweat and tears here) has built this amazing monument, that at its highest peaks bring

In the Ming dynasty, WatchTowers have been added every time.


These are signal towers to warn Chinese enemies and cannons that are also placed to defend nearby.

The guard agencies are also used as a living area for soldiers and warehouses for their terms.

These towers ensure that no part of the wall will not be protected.

Most ruins today are not entertained from combat and weather conditions.

In the 13th century, the wall was violated by Mongolian soldiers.


In the 17th century, it was violated by Manchu soldiers.

During the opening for Disney Film Mulan (1998), The Huns invaded China by a great scales.

Soldiers are showing lighting signal lights to warn the attack and spread the news.

What it doesn't show you, that is the dry Wolf content will be placed inside the beacon, because of the fire to catch and spread quickly.

In an attack, the time is of nature.

We hope you enjoy the truth about this amazing inspirational milestones, if you have any other interesting truth about China's gross school, be comfortable for them in a comment