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5 interesting facts about bicycle wheels

Ah, modest bike.

Perhaps not the best shipping method, but is definitely one of the most interesting things!

About 1 million people in the US can ride a bicycle.

Even a series of celebrities can also ride one - including Chris Martin of Coldplay, actor Rupert Grint, Driver Formula 1 Lewis Hamilton, and Basketball Planiper Miles Plumlee!

But what do you know about the bike?

Have you ever heard of Unicon, Unicycling International Biennial Conference?

Or do you know what the original bike is called?

Well, prepare to get on that bike and learn all about it with 5 interesting facts about the bike.



Yup, the most obvious name for the bike is not its original name.


Now, "Velocipede" is just a term for any type of human power cycling machine, but itever comes to everyone to start calling the two-wheeled bicycles that people begin to mention a cake

Also, only me or "velocipede" like a velociraptor / centipede hybrid?

There are many different types of bikes.


Although the fact is that they are just all just a wheel, pedal and (sometimes) a seat, there are countless variations on the bike on it!

And, as you can expect, some of them have great names.


Oh, and "Kangaroos" where the driver has to move both their feet, making them look like a dancing mouse!

There are a conventions of a bicycle, sports and race.


People become big in unicycling!

At these conferences, competitions and races and skill races are a common thing that you will see.

But the races at these conferences are not the only bike races you will see though - the world championship of UniCross All-Terrain is the best of the best of bike races.

Here, adventurers fled through an excess course of the whole terrain at the International Cyclacer Championship.

All said, the true Pièces de Résistance of competitive unlyclches must be hockey on basketball and tricycle bikes.

The rules of both games are like their two-dimensional partners, which means that the contestants in the tricycle basketball must drag the ball while unicycling.

The third basketball is the most popular in two people, with the famous Univers Puerto Rico All Star basketball team as the world's best team.

However, both are international sports with tournaments in Germany, France, Switzerland, Puerto Rico and the United Kingdom!

The world's highest bike is higher than 100 feet!


Đó là một chiếc cao 114,8 feet!

Due to the absolute height of bicycle wheels, SEM must make sure he wears a s

There are some third third world records.


Not surprisingly, some people made some amazing and crazy stunts with bicycles that landed them into a record window!

Some of the most impressive records are things that you can expect.

For example, the longest tricycle chain has 251 cyclists who are all selling together with their bracelets.

And then the people are completely strange and brilliant.

The most consecutive third backflips on a trampo

Although the craziest third world record, by a leap, it must be a record for most cups of tea arrested on the head while on a bike on a bike ... only wow.

Khoảnh khắc đáng kinh ngạc này đối với nhân loại đã đạt được bởi một còi Rudy, Juggler Extraordinaire, vào năm 1951.

Now, it's impressive enough for him to catch a cup of tea and SA

Blow into mind.

Không thể nhìn thấy những sản phẩm khai thác, hoặc nhìn xuống đôi chân của mình để những cú ném cho mối nguy hiểm của lật đổ bộ trà từ đầu, Rudy biểu diễn những pha nguy hiểm chủ yếu bằng cảm giác.


Chỉ cần đứng đầu tất cả, anh ta búng một muỗng cà phê với một khối đường trong đó, bắt cả hai trong teacup hàng đầu trên đỉnh đầu.