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5 great truth about BMW that you will not believe

BMW is one of the largest designers and car manufacturers in the world.

The German means company has appeared for more than a century, but all started?

Is BMW always doing cars?


BMW is used to specialize in aircraft engines.


Before automotive production, BMW made aircraft engine.

BMW began in 1916 as a consolidation between Rapp Motor and Otto Werk.

There is a high demand for German aircraft engine in World War I, so the two corporations have joined forces to perform aircraft engines.

The engines are famous for the fuel efficiency and the ability to achieve high height.

BMW captured production after World War II when the Versailles Treaty was signed.

The treaty has banned Germany from producing Warplanes, so BMW has run out of business.

This is when BMW switches to car designs.

BMW headquarters is designed like their car engines.


BMW's headquarters in Munich is designed by Austria Architect Karl Schwanzer and takes four years to build.

Construction works take place from 1968 to 1972 with the aims to be completed in the summer Olympics in 1972.

The building is located next to Olympiapark, and it is BMW's headquarters since 1972.

BMW engine-based design, with four towers representing four cylinders of the engine.

Four towers are connected together and hanging on the top of a few bases.

The total area of the building is 171.6 feet (52.3 meters) with a high height of 331 feet (101 meters).

There are a total of 22 floors in the building, 18 of them are used as office space.

BMW created the first tram in 1972.


BMW went ahead of the time by creating the first electric car in 1972.

BMW 1602E is never provided to the public, mainly because it can only keep a fee for up to 20 minutes!

Another error is that the power means the power of the car is about half of the other cars they sold.

Although the project was left for many years, a concern caused trams again in the 1990s.

1602E has become a great platform for BMW in designing and developing electric cars on what they are having today.

BMW holds the Guinness world record to drift the longest.


On December 11, 2017, Johan Schwartz put two new world records for BMW.


To promote the release of BMW M5, BMW hired Danish Danish Racing Driver to break the existing record.


Matt Mullins, a professional American driver, went out to break "drifting the longest double car (water support)" with Schwartz for BMW.

The Two Managed To Get 49.25 Miles (79.26 Kilometers), Breaking The Previous Record of 17.72 Miles (28.52 kilometers).

You can wonder how they manage such a distance without having to refuel.


This means they can load fuel while driving!

BMW has a back story for its logo.


There is a legend that BMW's logo comes from their history in building aircraft.

BMW stands for "Bayerische Motoren Werke", translated into Bavaria engines.

One of BMW's first ads, when they produced aircraft engines, published in 1929.

It shows two planes, and in their spinning front propeller, "BMW" was highlighted.

In 1942, BMW published an article in "Flugmotoren-Nachrichten" (News aircraft engine), confirmed TH

Since converting to production vehicles, the logo is kept by BMW but has grown steam over the years.

It is said that blue and white on the trunk from the official color of Bavaria, the area where the company has been started.

BMW has designed the engine for over 100 years and they are still creating creative designs.

The German Technical Group has implemented some of our most iconic means and has adjusted their business activities for many years.

They were stuck with their origins as a Bavaria-based company and proud of their heritage.