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30 Fast Truth about Lil NAS X

Lil Nas X is a American rapper who went the virus after posting his first national rap song.

This superstar in becoming a singer was established for a year after its release of his "Old Town Road" song.

But how does he become famous for such a small period of time?

Here are 30 quick truth about Lil NAS X that you should know.


Lil NAS X is 22 years old.

He gave birth to a true with his talent, funny and honest.

His father is Robert Stafford, and his mother's name is Tamikia Hill.

He has two brothers, Lamarco & Tramon Hill, as well as 3 half brothers, Robert Sleepy, Jamal Newsome, Labrock Anderson.

In the fourth grade, Lil Nas X began learning a trumpet and became the first chair in Junior High.

Lil Nas X attended West Georgia University in a year before he dropped out of school to create music while working at Zaxby and Six Flags on Georgia Theme Park.



The old street has become the first Hip Hop song sitting in a second place in the rankings for 13 consecutive weeks.


He is the first artist to have a song still in the number one in the Billboard 100 list for 19 weeks.

Old Town Road is the first song to sell more than 10 million copies while

On the global scale, Old Town Road is a series of online players with the fifth year 2019.

Billboard removed the song from the chart of its hot national song due to the lack of all elements of country music.


He became the first gay black man to receive a National Music Association Award.

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Lil NAS X is named one of the 25 most influential people on the Internet according to Time magazine in July 2019.

Lil NAS X became the first color to feature in the list of Forbes Country's top money people in 2019.

Vogue named Lil NAS X A master creates a Glam cowboy looking through the fashion style and article on Instagram.

In 2019, Lil NAS X began a line collaborating with Wrangler, putting a round into their classic styles with a modern cowboy twist.

In January 2020, Lil NAS X won two grammy prizes;

At the Grammy 2020 award, Lil NAS X was wearing a customized Fuchsia color Versace suit, took 700 hours to build.


On November 14, 2020, Roblox held a virtual concert to promote Lil NAS X's new song titled "Holiday", where users can buy Swag limited edition for their Avatars

Lil NAS X has done it on the list of 30 under 30 of Forbes magazine by 2020.

Lil NAS X is 6 feet 1 inch (186 cm) height.

On January 5, 2021, L

Since 2021, he has no tattoo on his body.


Lil NAS X has created a career for itself with the power of social media and the Internet.

After being a tweet and understanding algorithms and using memes, he was able to turn his music into a virus phenomenon.

He broke the records as the first black male artist who first entered the country musical context.

Lil NAS X is an incredible role model to promote progress and acceptance throughout the music industry.