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25 interesting facts about Loren Gray

Until 2020, Loren Gray was the following followers on Tiktok.

She is known for his talent, video Tiktok and her beauty channel on YouTube.

But all started from, and how could she be famous to 16 years old?

Here are 25 interesting facts all about Loren Gray.

Loren Gray Beech is 19 years old.

Loren's mother is a beauty stylist, and her father is a biologist.

She was born a birch, which means she is optimistic, sociable and adventurous.

In 2015, Grade 6, Loren established a Tiktok account, formerly musicals.

At first she used her full name, Loren Beech, until she began to get more followers, so she changed it into Loren Gray.

Loren's friends at school began to turn on her when they were jealous of their gradual build to be famous.

Loren's mother decided to take her out of school when bullying escalating to a point that Loren was suffering from mental health problems and will spend some days constantly crying.

As a family, they moved to La to have a new start and let Loren continue to develop her social media platforms.

Loren doesn't mean singing on stage, because her role is completely to entertain through the conversation.

After singing on stage, s


Loren was 16 years old in 2018 and signed with her first recordings and Capitol profiles.



On January 11, 2019, Loren collaborated with the US DJ Duo lost the kings on their songs "against everything".

Her most famous song is "Queen", with more than 17 million views on YouTube in 2021.

On July 11, 2019, Loren was the second celebrity part of the "Creator Show" series on Snapchat.

In 2019, Loren was nominated for a Social Star Award at the iHeartradio Music Awards.


Loren has a height of 5 feet of 8 inches (172cm).

On May 3, 2020, Teen Vogue posted an interview article with Loren explaining how she was a survivor in a sexual attack.

Loren's favorite color is pink.

She mentioned her fans as "angel", and she has a angel wing tattoo in the back of the neck to show her link with his fans.

She has two Pomerania Pet people called Angel and Smudge.

Angel has nearly 500,000 followers but unfortunately died on October 28, 2019, at age only 2 years old.

Loren caused his career in the years of teenagers, and she became an idol and inspired for his generation and others.

She pointed out that if you work hard and persistently, you can do great things, despite those who can disappoint you.