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15 Fast facts about Superman

Superman has appeared for decades and is one of the most famous superheroes in the world.

His famous blue suit and red robes made him a recognizable symbol that many people looked up.

But who first created Superman, and why are he so popular?


Superman has many powers.


Many people know that Superman has more than one strength, but do you know what level of your ability?

Superman has incredible power, X-ray vision, thermal vision, super speed and flight ability.

Like these famous characteristics, he also has a super sharp hearing and self-explosive ability.

This recent addition means that Superman can force themselves to explode with the equivalent explosion force of a nuclear explosion.

This is why Superman sometimes called the "man of steel" because he appears invincible.

Superman logo has been registered trademarks in 1938.


Superman was released in 1938 and the Superman logo was registered for this release.


Superman was designed and written by Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster, who gave famous logos.

Superman died many times throughout the comic book.


It is quite popular throughout the DC comics for the superhero died, and most of the time, they seek to come back.

Superman has his fair part of visiting the other world, but he has a special outstanding death.


In this story, Superman was beaten by the end of the world, and both died for each other.

Later, Superman was brought back to life, it was not the first time this happened.

Superman's TV's TV week was in 1952.


The first television of Superman was "Superman's adventure", broadcast on September 19, 1952.

Movie began in 1951, and American actor George Reeves played Superman.

It was so popular that finally had six seasons with a total of 104 episodes.



Kryptonite is Superman's largest weakness;

Superman is not a magical creature, he is a person with advanced features, and he cannot win in magic.

This lack of protection means that he is vulnerable to miraculous objects like the sword of Trident and Wonder Woman of Aquaman.

Lois Lane is Superman's lover.


The superheroes are almost always a lover or at least a love interest, and Superman's is Lois Lane.

Lois Lane works with Clark Kent at the planet daily as award-winning journalist.

They dated for many years and fans couldn't wait to see them married, they finally did!

The wedding overlaps both on Superman TV show, as well as comics in 1996.


Superman has been achieved


Superman grew up on the planet Krypton, and it was thought that his strength comes from here.

Gravity on Krypton is much higher than the Earth, so this makes people stronger than one man growing up on Earth.

Solitude Fortress is Superman's headquarters.


Superman's headquarters are in what is described as a frozen landscape very far from civilization.

Solitude Fortress is a comfortable place of Superman and sometimes used as its workplace.

It appeared for the first time in Comics Comics # 241, was released in June 1958.

Superman rely on bat people as a friend.


When the roads of Superman and Batman passed in the DC universe, Superman gave some Kryptonite to Batman.

He gave it to Batman and asked if he escaped the control, Batman used it to stop him.

Clark Kent is Superman's change ego.


Every superhero has their changing ego, and Superman's is Clark Kent.

A farmer and his wife nurtured Clark Kent in Kansas after they found him as a child.

His Earth's family gave him up like others and gave him courage to fight against evil.

Kent then moved to Metropolis city, where he became a journalist for the planet daily.



We see most superheroes like brave souls at risk of their lives, and their appearance is often perfect.

Superman is one of the first superheroes similar to "perfect male figures", with great muscles and perfect black hair.

Superman is 6'4 high "(193 cm) and weighs 225 lb. (102 kg).

Kryptonite is a weakness of Superman.


Although Superman is a hero, he is not invincible, and he can be hurt like us.

Green stone glowing is Kryptonite as Superman's largest weakness.

Superman is also weakened by Kryptonite color too, not just green.

Other factors such as red solar radiation will also harm superheroes when in large quantities.

Lex Luthor is Superman's arch enemy.


Every superhero has Arch-Nemesis, and Superman's is Lex Luthor.

Luthor is a genius mastermind manipulating and trick superman into all kinds of sticky situations.

Although Superman is physically strong, he does not have the same wisdom like Luthor.

Superman chose to become a journalist, so he was the first to know the news.


When Superman in his human form like Clark Kent, he worked as a journalist for the planet daily.

This is a cunning career option of Superman because the industry is the first to find breakthrough news.

As a journalist means that Superman is the first to hear about crimes or naughty.

This gave him a huge benefit in catching bad guys and was the first in a scene.

Kal-EL is the original name of Superman on the planet Krypton.


Superman was born on Krypton planet and was named Kal-EL.

Clark Kent is the name he adopted from the Earth family and the name of his ego changes.

Superman is one of the most famous heroes in the world, and he is an idol with many people.

Simple slip appearance, suitable design and eye-catching logo continue to entertain and attract the attention of everyone.

This popular superhero is one of the first to appear under the DC brand, and he is one of the most famous people.