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13 terrible truth about zombies

Zombies là những sinh vật hấp dẫn vừa khiến cả chúng ta sợ hãi và khiến chúng ta tò mò.

Our curiosity about The Walking Dead has developed for decades and has strongly affected the public culture.

But who did the concept of zombies, and they could really exist?

Here are 13 terrible facts about zombies that you should know.

Người Hy Lạp cổ đại là một trong những người đầu tiên sợ thây ma.


The fear of the body has existed for hundreds of years and is evident in many forms.

One of the first civilizations is said to be afraid of the quinte of ancient Greeks.

This was seen through their burial, and archaeologists found evidence in ancient Greek tombs.

Đá hoặc các vật có trọng lượng được ghim xuống nhiều bộ xương được tìm thấy trong những ngôi mộ này.

Therefore, it often believes that ancient Greeks were one of the first people who were afraid of the dead.

The world zombie day is October 13.


For all zombies, there is a world zombie day!

The international event began on October 13, 2006, when a group of enthusiasts created a zombie walk in theburgburg region, California, where Dawn of the Dead was filmed.

This event has become famous worldwide and is often held on the last weekend with October 13.

There is only one way to kill a zombie.


Although there was no zombie apocalypse, people had an idea of how to kill a zombie.

Dựa trên tiểu thuyết, lý thuyết và câu chuyện được tạo ra bởi những người đam mê zombie, nó nghĩ rằng chỉ có một cách để giết một thây ma.

You may have heard, but you have to destroy its brain.

A zombie can exist any form of attack or damage to its body, except its brain.

The best way to kill a zombie is to cut its head or destroy the brain in any way possible.

This will prevent the body's control, and therefore it will die.

The first US Zombie was released in 1932.


White Zombie is one of the first zombie horror films produced.

The story shows a woman being poisoned by her lover and brought back from the dead to become a zombie.

Nó dựa trên cuốn tiểu thuyết The The Magic Island, được viết bởi William Seabrook.

Ở Haiti, có một đạo luật làm cho việc biến ai đó thành một thây ma trở nên bất hợp pháp.


During Haiti culture, Voodoo Shamans became popular with the dead into zombies.

It is thought that there are two parts of the soul, part of control of body functions and another part of emotion control.

By eliminating these things, you are left with a lifeless person, who can be used as a slave.

If you are the one who keeps their spirit or soul, then you will control zombies.

Người ta nói rằng việc sử dụng một pha chế hoặc chất độc đặc biệt có thể làm điều này với một người, và hành động biến ai đó thành một thây ma ở Haiti giờ là bất hợp pháp.

Article 249 Prohibit this and will prosecute anyone who is arrested to turn someone into a zombie with murder.

A $ 70 Zombie movie won a prize at the Cannes Film Festival.


Vào năm 2009, bộ phim Zombie của Anh, Col Colin đã được trình chiếu và giành được một giải thưởng tại Liên hoan phim nổi tiếng Cannes.

Writer and director Marc Price spent 18 months gathering the $ 70 budget film following the Zombie life in London.

Zombie fans are called Zombophiles.


Passion for zombies has become a phenomenon worldwide thanks to their representative in public culture.

Zombie, Zombie Walks, Zombie Apocalypses and reality are just some ways that Zombophiles spends all day.

Mary Shelley Frankenstein is not a zombie.


Although Mary Shelly showed interest and fascination in the world of The Walking Dead, Frankenstein was not a zombie.

Nhiều người coi một thây ma là một con người đã trở nên hồi sinh sau khi chết.

However, a zombie is really a person who has been infected or viral, then occupies their bodies and brains.

Frankenstein không có hứng thú với việc ăn người, và cơ thể anh ta không bị sụp đổ do bệnh tật;

The origin of the Zombie word comes from West African culture.


Zombie from a collection of West African words.

All of the following words have partially closed in the creation of zombies.


Another word that has contributed to the word Zombie is the MVUMbi MVUMBI, which means that a corpse still keeps its soul.

NVUMVI is the same in that it means a body without soul.

When these words come from West Africa, along with the Voodoo traditions, the factors were made to create Zombie words.

Clairvius Narcisse tự xưng là một thây ma.


There have been sporadic accounts for self -proclaimed people in real life, but one of the most famous accounts is Clairvius Narcisse.

Narcisse declared that he was turned into a zombie, buried alive, and then rising from the dead by a Bokor.

Then he worked on a plantation farm under the control of Bokor until t

Although his story seemed not true, his family members claimed that he was really when he returned to the village.

This is not the only account of this type of behavior in Haiti.

The first use of the Zombie Zombie word in English dates from the 19th century.


The first use of Zombi Zombi is from Brazil's book history written by Robert Southey in 1819.


His name is slowly coming from West Africa, which means worship and closely related to NZambi, which means God.

Kinemortophobia is the fear of zombies.


Zombie's obsession is called kinemortophobia.


Đó là một nỗi ám ảnh phổ biến thường được đưa ra bằng cách xem những bộ phim zombie mô tả các ngày tận thế zombie từ khi còn nhỏ.

There is a zombie survival guide.


Zombie survival guide is a funny guide to deal with a zombie outbreak.

The book was written by Max Brookes and published in 2003.


This survival guide has step -by -step plans that ordinary people can use.

Inspiration for the instructions from Brookes's childhood obsession with zombies began after watching the movie Revenge of the Zombie in 1943.

CDC thậm chí còn phát hành hướng dẫn sinh tồn y tế của họ để sống qua ngày tận thế zombie vào năm 2011.

Zombie always fascinates those who care about the dead and those who are curious about whether they can regenerate a corpse.

Many dream enthusiasts about the end of the zombie and have created survival instructions and even role -playing experiences, where you can see if you survive the end of the zombie!

This passion will continue to attract the attention of people, and curiosity will exist until there is scientific evidence of Zombie's ability.

Until then, the zombophiles will continue to practice for a real -life end of the zombie.