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11 Truth about Buzz Lightyear from Toy Story

Buzz Lightyear is famous as Spaceman, who have movie stories with Woody.

But how does this hero link finish on earth, and how does he become famous in the Disney universe?

Here are 11 in this world about the truth about Buzz Lightyear.



Director John Lasseter wants to create a character in the universe of the toy story with the character of a character G.i Joe, a hero to save the day, but he wants to have a more modern appearance.

There are many space characters at that time, so the idea was born to create a character with a G.i.

Apparel design based on Astronauts of Apollo 11 really, with skullcaps, white suits and clear helmets.

It is said that purple and green on the iconic outfit of Buzz is the choice of Lasseter's wife.

Name Buzz Lightyear is inspired by Apollo 11 Astronaut Buzz Aldrin.



The original character called Luna Larry, but the manufacturers thought that the name sounded slightly unexpected for the character they wanted to describe.

After changing this name, Pixar manufacturers have considered different spatial terms to combine in the name and Lightyear have been selected.

After that, they decided to name him after Buzz Aldrin as a reverence with the second person walking on the moon.

Buzz Aldrin even took a Buzz Lightyear toy for one of his speeches in NASA to introduce his links to the character.

Aldrin has never received any certification fees for using their names.

Another important person is Jessie.


This may not be clear until the end of the toy story 2, where buzz shows how he is like Jessie.

But Buzz was attracted to her adventure personality,

This affection is displayed even more so when Buzz accidentally is put into Spain mode, where he mentioned Jessie is "my desert flower" and dances around her.

The couple shared many adventures throughout the films, some success over others, but they continued to be comfortable and stick together.

The enemy of Buzz Lightyear is the Zurg Emperor.


In the movie story movie, Buzz Lightyear is not only an enemy.

Those who like Sid Phillips and Stinky Pete are among them, but his real enemy is the Zurg Emperor, also known as the Evil Zurg Emperor.

In the universe toy story, Buzz Lightyear is Archenemies with Zurg because he is the enemy of the galaxy alliance.

Their relationship is very simple, Zurg is a bad person, and Buzz is hero, but they have some meetings in movies, making the audience question about their relationship.

In the story 2, Zurg expressed that he was the father of Buzz, but this could be a distraction to him to attack Buzz.

It is thought that Disney wants to refer to wars between stars, recreating famous scenes with Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader, but do not know whether this is true or not.

Buzz's character has more than 15 citations.


Buzz has many famous quotes in the movie story movie, but not all have been used in the first toy story.

When movies are developed, the relationships have changed and the citations have been developed with the characters, but some of his most recognized citations include;


The first picture of Buzz Lightyear was made in 1995 was released in front of the Toy Story movie, and it was programmed with four quotes.




Maybe one of the most famous quotes of all time, "come extremely and farther away", has been used in Pop Culture since the character makes it famous.


The book discoves the history extremely and perhaps the inspiration for Buzz's quotes.


The phrase even made international news in 2008. A duo duo and son tried a 15-hour water record effort in the Atlantic Ocean, and used it as safe phrases of



If you are familiar with Star's Buzz Lightyear command, you will know that Buzz has its evil version from another universe.

Excellent Lightyear shirt is said to be even worse than the Zurg Emperor, and in this alternative galaxy took on the role of Zurg as an evil emperor.

His first appearance was in episodes called "Lightyear elements" where Zurg's Prow Pod will open a portal to an alternative universe.

At the end of the episode, Evil Buzz fell to the sun and was said to die until he appeared at the end.

Buzz has its own features and TVs off.


Not only has the buzz feature as a main character in the movie story movie, which he has its own movie feature Buzz Lightyear of Star Command: The Adventure begins, released on August 8

This film is based on a miniseries called "Buzz Lightyear of Star", which is Pixar's first hand-drawn animation project.

A serial-based video game was developed by Tales tourists in 2000 and was released for PlayStation, Game Boy Color, Dreamcast and Microsoft Windows.

The game allows you to control Buzz in your race to defeat your enemies.

He has characterized in other Pixar movies.


Along with other characters from the toy story,

The most memorable shorts he featured Hawaii holiday as well as small powder.

Buzz also appeared in 2003 with the release of Nemo as one of the toys next to the toy box in the dentist's lounge.

Buzz really came to space.


We all know that Buzz Lightyear is a space ranger, so in movies, he must go to space.

But in June 2008, a realistic 12 inch character (30.5 cm) of Buzz Lightyear was SE


He is sent as part of the educational cooperation between Disney and NASA, along with the universe expedition, providing games, competitions and video clips of Buzz floating in space for children

This buzz number can be accessed in the National Space Museum and Space in Washington D.c.

Buzz is number 1 in the largest Pixar of 20 characters.



The magazine also evaluated him 94 in the largest characters of all time.

Now you know more about this complex Intergalactic SpaceMan, you can see how he becomes one of the most recognizable characters in history.

The movie story movie will continue to inspire and stimulate children around the world.