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History Events on February 07

Maastricht Treaty
The Maastricht Treaty is signed, leading to the creation of the European Union.


Edward of Caernarvon (later king Edward II of England) becomes the first English Prince of Wales.


Action of 7 February 1813
In the action of 7 February 1813 near the Îles de Los, the frigates Aréthuse and Amelia batter each other, but neither can gain the upper hand.


Cripple Creek miners' strike of 1894
The Cripple Creek miner's strike, led by the Western Federation of Miners, begins in Cripple Creek, Colorado.


World War II: In Anzio, Italy, German forces launch a counteroffensive during the Allied Operation Shingle.


NeXT merges with Apple Computer, starting the path to Mac OS X.


American Revolutionary War
American Revolutionary War: French and Spanish forces lift the Great Siege of Gibraltar.


Mohamed Nasheed
President Mohamed Nasheed of the Republic of Maldives resigns, after 23 days of anti-governmental protests calling for the release of Chief Judge unlawfully arrested by the military.


World War II
World War II: Imperial Japanese Navy forces complete the evacuation of Imperial Japanese Army troops from Guadalcanal during Operation Ke, ending Japanese attempts to retake the island from Allied forces in the Guadalcanal Campaign.


Korean War
Korean War: More than 700 suspected communist sympathizers are massacred by South Korean forces.


HMS Orpheus (1860)
HMS Orpheus sinks off the coast of Auckland, New Zealand, killing 189.


Black Saturday bushfires
Bushfires in Victoria leave 173 dead in the worst natural disaster in Australia's history.


Twenty-eight years of one-family rule end in Haiti, when President Jean-Claude Duvalier flees the Caribbean nation.


Abdullah II of Jordan
Crown Prince Abdullah becomes the King of Jordan on the death of his father, King Hussein.


Dreyfus affair
Dreyfus affair: Émile Zola is brought to trial for libel for publishing J'Accuse…!.


Haiti's first democratically elected president, Jean-Bertrand Aristide, is sworn in.


Ramzi Yousef
Ramzi Yousef, the mastermind of the 1993 World Trade Center bombing, is arrested in Islamabad, Pakistan.


The U.S. state of Mississippi officially certifies the Thirteenth Amendment, becoming the last state to approve the abolition of slavery. The Thirteenth Amendment was formally ratified by Mississippi in 1995.


Eleventh Amendment to the United States Constitution
The 11th Amendment to the United States Constitution is ratified.


Walt Disney
The second full-length animated Walt Disney film, Pinocchio, premieres.


Bubonic plague
A Chinese immigrant in San Francisco falls ill to bubonic plague in the first plague epidemic in the continental United States.


Leo I the Thracian
Leo I the Thracian becomes emperor of the Byzantine Empire.


Second Boer War
Second Boer War: British troops fail in their third attempt to lift the Siege of Ladysmith.


Pluto moves inside Neptune's orbit for the first time since either was discovered.


Space Shuttle program
Space Shuttle program: STS-41-B Mission: Astronauts Bruce McCandless II and Robert L. Stewart make the first untethered space walk using the Manned Maneuvering Unit (MMU).


North Korea launches Kwangmy?ngs?ng-4 into outer space violating multiple UN treaties and prompting condemnation from around the world.


Dissolution of the Soviet Union
Dissolution of the Soviet Union: The Central Committee of the Soviet Communist Party agrees to give up its monopoly on power.


Happisburgh footprints
Scientists announce that the Happisburgh footprints in Norfolk, England, date back to more than 800,000 years ago, making them the oldest known hominid footprints outside Africa.


Great Baltimore Fire
A fire begins in Baltimore, Maryland; it destroys over 1,500 buildings in 30 hours.


United States embargo against Cuba
The United States bans all Cuban imports and exports.


The Troubles
The Troubles: The Provisional IRA launched a mortar attack on 10 Downing Street in London, the headquarters of the British government.


In Florence, Italy, supporters of Girolamo Savonarola burn cosmetics, art, and books, in a "Bonfire of the vanities".


Grenada gains independence from the United Kingdom.


Napoleonic Wars
Napoleonic Wars: Napoleon finds Bennigsen's Russian forces taking a stand at Eylau. After bitter fighting, the French take the town, but the Russians resume the battle the next day.


ETH Zurich
A law is approved to found the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology. Lectures started October 16, 1855.


Battle of Debre Tabor: Ras Ali Alula, Regent of the Emperor of Ethiopia defeats warlord Wube Haile Maryam of Semien.
Sir Thomas Stamford Raffles leaves Singapore after just taking it over, leaving it in the hands of William Farquhar.
The strongest in a series of earthquakes strikes New Madrid, Missouri.
Bardas Phokas the Younger and Bardas Skleros, Byzantine generals of the military elite, begin a wide-scale rebellion against Emperor Basil II.