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History Deaths on June 30

Abraham Yates Jr.
Abraham Yates Jr., American lawyer and politician (b. 1724)


Karl Ernst
Karl Ernst, German soldier (b. 1904)


Alphonse Kirchhoffer
Alphonse Kirchhoffer, French fencer (b. 1873)


Frank Cashen
Frank Cashen, American businessman (b. 1925)


Thomas Hill (painter)
Thomas Hill, American painter (b. 1829)


Erich Klausener
Erich Klausener, German soldier and politician (b. 1885)


Charles William Miller
Charles William Miller, Brazilian footballer and civil servant (b. 1874)


William Oughtred
William Oughtred, English minister and mathematician (b. 1575)


James Oglethorpe
James Oglethorpe, English general and politician, 1st Colonial Governor of Georgia (b. 1696)


Antonio de La Gándara
Antonio de La Gándara, French painter and illustrator (b. 1861)


Gustav Ritter von Kahr
Gustav Ritter von Kahr, German lawyer and politician, Minister-President of Bavaria (b. 1862)


Georgy Beregovoy
Georgy Beregovoy, Ukrainian general and astronaut (b. 1921)


Nancy Mitford
Nancy Mitford, English journalist and author (b. 1904)


Yefim Fomin
Yefim Fomin, Belarusian politician (b. 1909)


Nepotianus, Roman ruler


Johann Reuchlin
Johann Reuchlin, German humanist and Hebrew scholar (b. 1455)


Lee de Forest
Lee de Forest, American inventor, invented the audion tube (b. 1873)


Édouard Alphonse James de Rothschild
Édouard Alphonse James de Rothschild, French financier and polo player (b. 1868)


Charles II, Duke of Guelders
Charles II, Duke of Guelders (b. 1467)


Arnošt of Pardubice
Arnošt of Pardubice, Czech archbishop (b. 1297)


Caesar Baronius
Caesar Baronius, Italian cardinal and historian (b. 1538)


Eleanor de Clare
Eleanor de Clare, English noblewoman (b. 1290)


Joe Henderson
Joe Henderson, American saxophonist and composer (b. 1937)


Bruno Kastner
Bruno Kastner, German actor, producer, and screenwriter (b. 1890)


Eunice Eloisae Gibbs Allyn
Eunice Eloisae Gibbs Allyn, American correspondent, author, and poet (b. 1847)


Kurt von Schleicher
Kurt von Schleicher, German general and politician, 23rd Chancellor of Germany (b. 1882)


John Quelch (pirate)
John Quelch, English pirate (b. 1665)


Dadabhai Naoroji
Dadabhai Naoroji, Parsi intellectual, educator, cotton trader, and an early Indian political and social leader (b. 1825)


Nikola Kotkov
Nikola Kotkov, Bulgarian footballer (b. 1938)


Simone Veil
Simone Veil, French lawyer and politician (b. 1927)


Æthelred (archbishop)
Æthelred, archbishop of Canterbury


Robert Dewar
Robert Dewar, English-American computer scientist and academic (b. 1945)


John William Strutt, 3rd Baron Rayleigh
John William Strutt, 3rd Baron Rayleigh, English physicist and academic, Nobel Prize laureate (b. 1842)


Giuseppe Farina
Giuseppe Farina, Italian race car driver (b. 1906)


Leonard Starr
Leonard Starr, American author and illustrator (b. 1925)


Yrjö Saarela
Yrjö Saarela, Finnish wrestler and coach (b. 1884)


Paul Mazursky
Paul Mazursky, American actor, director, producer, and screenwriter (b. 1930)


Charles W. Bagnal
Charles W. Bagnal, American general (b. 1934)


Vannevar Bush
Vannevar Bush, American engineer and academic (b. 1890)


Edward Lhuyd
Edward Lhuyd, Welsh botanist, linguist, and geographer (b. 1660)


Firpo Marberry
Firpo Marberry, American baseball player and umpire (b. 1898)


Gale Gordon
Gale Gordon, American actor and voice artist (b. 1906)


Saint Erentrude
Erentrude, Frankish abbess


Buddy Hackett
Buddy Hackett, American actor and comedian (b. 1924)


José Vasconcelos
José Vasconcelos, Mexican philosopher and politician (b. 1882)


Sahib Singh Verma
Sahib Singh Verma, Indian librarian and politician, 4th Chief Minister of Delhi (b. 1943)


Yitzhak Shamir
Yitzhak Shamir, Israeli politician, 7th Prime Minister of Israel (b. 1915)


Aleksander Tõnisson
Aleksander Tõnisson, Estonian general and politician, 5th Estonian Minister of War (b. 1875)


Georgi Asparuhov
Georgi Asparuhov, Bulgarian footballer (b. 1943)


Alcide d'Orbigny
Alcide d'Orbigny, French zoologist and paleontologist (b. 1802)


Gregor Strasser
Gregor Strasser, German lieutenant and politician (b. 1892)


Ki no Tsurayuki
Ki no Tsurayuki, Japanese writer and poet (b. 872)


Chico Xavier
Chico Xavier, Brazilian medium and author (b. 1910)


Pierre de la Broce
Pierre de la Broce, French courtier


Elsa Beskow
Elsa Beskow, Swedish author and illustrator (b. 1874)


Chet Atkins
Chet Atkins, American singer-songwriter, guitarist, and producer (b. 1924)


Lillian Hellman
Lillian Hellman, American author and playwright (b. 1905)


Andrass Samuelsen
Andrass Samuelsen, Faroese politician, 1st Prime Minister of the Faroe Islands (b. 1873)


Michael Abney-Hastings, 14th Earl of Loudoun
Michael Abney-Hastings, 14th Earl of Loudoun, English-Australian politician (b. 1942)


Henrietta of England
Henrietta of England (b. 1644)


Pina Bausch
Pina Bausch, German dancer, choreographer, and director (b. 1940)


Simon Vouet
Simon Vouet, French painter (b. 1590)


Charles J. Guiteau
Charles J. Guiteau, American preacher and lawyer, assassin of James A. Garfield (b. 1841)


Eddie Burns
Eddie Burns, Australian rugby league player (b. 1916)


Haruo Remeliik
Haruo Remeliik, Palauan politician, 1st President of Palau (b. 1933)


Alberto Henschel
Alberto Henschel, German-Brazilian photographer and businessman (b. 1827)


Barry Norman, English television presenter (b. 1933)
Arthur Porter, Canadian physician and academic (b. 1956)
Željko Šturanovi?, Montenegrin lawyer and politician, 31st Prime Minister of Montenegro (b. 1960)
Keith Seaman, Australian politician, 29th Governor of South Australia (b. 1920)
Thompson Oliha, Nigerian footballer (b. 1968)
Kathryn Morrison, American educator and politician (b. 1942)
Akpor Pius Ewherido, Nigerian politician (b. 1963)
Alan Campbell, Baron Campbell of Alloway, English lawyer and judge (b. 1917)
Michael J. Ybarra, American journalist and author (b. 1966)
Harve Presnell, American actor and singer (b. 1933)
Robert McCloskey, American author and illustrator (b. 1915)
Lakis Petropoulos, Greek footballer and manager (b. 1932)
Alberta Williams King, civil rights activist and mother of Martin Luther King, Jr. (b. 1904)
Vasyl Velychkovsky, Ukrainian-Canadian bishop and martyr (b. 1903)
Vladislav Volkov, Russian engineer and astronaut (b. 1935)
Viktor Patsayev, Kazakh engineer and astronaut (b. 1933)
Georgy Dobrovolsky Ukrainian pilot and astronaut (b. 1928)
Herbert Biberman, American director and screenwriter (b. 1900)
Ernst Marcus, German zoologist (b. 1893)
Margery Allingham, English author of detective fiction (b. 1904)
Thorleif Lund, Norwegian actor (b. 1880)
Prince Sabahaddin, Turkish-Swiss sociologist and academic (b. 1879)
Samuel Parkman Tuckerman, American organist and composer (b. 1819)
Tekle Haymanot I of Ethiopia (b. 1684)
Alexander Brome, English poet and playwright (b. 1620)
Adolf of Osnabrück, German monk and bishop (b. 1185)
Hugh de Kevelioc, 5th Earl of Chester, Welsh politician (b. 1147)