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History Births on September 24

Ham Fisher
Ham Fisher, American cartoonist (d. 1955)


Kevin Millar
Kevin Millar, American baseball player and sportscaster


Paul Hamm
Paul Hamm, American gymnast


John Kerr (governor-general)
John Kerr, Australian politician, 18th Governor-General of Australia (d. 1991)


Ilgvars Zal?ns
Ilgvars Zal?ns, Latvian painter


Raoul Bott
Raoul Bott, Hungarian-American mathematician (d. 2005)


Artur Lemba
Artur Lemba, Estonian pianist, composer, and educator (d. 1963)


Douglas Kmiec
Douglas Kmiec, American scholar and diplomat, United States Ambassador to Malta


Vitellius, Roman emperor (d. 69)


Jim McKay
Jim McKay, American sportscaster and journalist (d. 2008)


Miguel Montuori
Miguel Montuori, Argentinian-Italian footballer and manager (d. 1998)


Tommy Armour
Tommy Armour, Scottish-American golfer and sportscaster (d. 1968)


Mike Phelan
Mike Phelan, English footballer, coach, and manager


Anders Arborelius
Anders Arborelius, Swedish cardinal


Frank Fahrenhorst
Frank Fahrenhorst, German footballer and manager


Paul Ray Smith
Paul Ray Smith, American sergeant, Medal of Honor recipient (d. 2003)


Jacques Vallée
Jacques Vallée, French ufologist


Victoria Pendleton
Victoria Pendleton, English cyclist


Gerolamo Cardano
Gerolamo Cardano, Italian mathematician, physician, and astrologer (d. 1576)


Manfred Wörner
Manfred Wörner, German politician and diplomat, 7th Secretary General of NATO (d. 1994)


Jean Servais
Jean Servais, Belgian-French actor (d. 1976)


John Rutter
John Rutter, English composer, conductor, and producer


Nia Vardalos
Nia Vardalos, Canadian-American actress and screenwriter


Christopher L. Eisgruber
Christopher L. Eisgruber, American lawyer and academic


Stephanie McMahon
Stephanie McMahon, American wrestler and businesswoman


Phil Hartman
Phil Hartman, Canadian-American actor and screenwriter (d. 1998)


John Kessel
John Kessel, American author, poet, and playwright


Antoine-Louis Barye
Antoine-Louis Barye, French sculptor and educator (d. 1875)


Bernard Gilkey
Bernard Gilkey, American baseball player


Gerard Antoni Cio?ek
Gerard Antoni Cio?ek, Polish historian and architect (d. 1966)


Jim Henson
Jim Henson, American puppeteer, director, producer and screenwriter, created The Muppets (d. 1990)


Robert Irvine
Robert Irvine, English chef and television host


Billy Bletcher
Billy Bletcher, American actor, singer, and screenwriter (d. 1979)


Lou Dobbs
Lou Dobbs, American journalist and author


Andrzej Panufnik
Andrzej Panufnik, Polish pianist, composer, and conductor (d. 1991)


Kevin Sorbo
Kevin Sorbo, American actor and producer


Mohinder Amarnath
Mohinder Amarnath, Indian cricketer, coach, and sportscaster


Yves Navarre
Yves Navarre, French author (d. 1994)


Oriol Romeu
Oriol Romeu, Spanish footballer


Lottie Dod
Lottie Dod, English tennis player, golfer, and archer (d. 1960)


Jaan Teemant
Jaan Teemant, Estonian lawyer and politician, 7th State Elder of Estonia (d. 1941)


Janet Weiss
Janet Weiss, American drummer


Ally McCoist
Ally McCoist, Scottish footballer and manager


Herb Jeffries
Herb Jeffries, American singer (d. 2014)


Sheila MacRae
Sheila MacRae, English-American actress, singer, and dancer (d. 2014)


John Carter (jazz musician)
John Carter, American clarinet player, saxophonist, and flute player (d. 1991)


Christopher Pincher
Christopher Pincher, English politician


Randy Foye
Randy Foye, American basketball player


Linda McCartney
Linda McCartney, American singer, photographer, and activist (d. 1998)


Sivanthi Adithan
Sivanthi Adithan, Indian businessman (d. 2013)


Johan de Witt
Johan de Witt, Dutch mathematician and politician (d. 1672)


Adélard Godbout
Adélard Godbout, Canadian agronomist and politician, 15th Premier of Québec (d. 1956)


Amy Sky
Amy Sky, Canadian singer-songwriter, producer, and actress


Shawn Crahan
Shawn Crahan, American drummer, songwriter, and producer


Richard Bong
Richard Bong, American soldier and pilot, Medal of Honor recipient (d. 1945)


Alexandra Adler
Alexandra Adler, Austrian neurologist and psychologist (d.2001)


Megan Ward
Megan Ward, American actress


Rafael Palmeiro
Rafael Palmeiro, Cuban-American baseball player


John McDonald (infielder)
John McDonald, American baseball player


Moti Kirschenbaum
Moti Kirschenbaum, Israeli journalist (d. 2015)


Yakkun Sakurazuka
Yakkun Sakurazuka, Japanese voice actress and singer (d. 2013)


Mike Michalowicz
Mike Michalowicz, American businessman and author


Eugene Foss
Eugene Foss, American businessman and politician, 45th Governor of Massachusetts (d. 1939)


Christophe Bouchut
Christophe Bouchut, French race car driver


Mikhail Ostrogradsky
Mikhail Ostrogradsky, Ukrainian-Russian mathematician and physicist (d. 1862)


Marko Pomerants
Marko Pomerants, Estonian lawyer and politician, Estonian Minister of the Interior


Fábio Aurélio
Fábio Aurélio, Brazilian footballer


Blind Lemon Jefferson
Blind Lemon Jefferson, American singer-songwriter and guitarist (d. 1929)


Audra Lindley
Audra Lindley, American actress (d. 1997)


Eavan Boland
Eavan Boland, Irish poet and academic


Benjamin Romualdez
Benjamin Romualdez, Filipino politician and diplomat (d. 2012)


Harriet Walter
Harriet Walter, English actress


John Arne Riise
John Arne Riise, Norwegian footballer


Albrecht von Wallenstein
Albrecht von Wallenstein, Bohemian general (d. 1634)


Marco Tardelli
Marco Tardelli, Italian footballer and coach


Liam Finn
Liam Finn, Australian-New Zealand singer-songwriter and guitarist


Gustave Garrigou
Gustave Garrigou, French cyclist (d. 1963)


Józef Krupi?ski
Józef Krupi?ski, Polish poet and author (d. 1998)


Brad Bird
Brad Bird, American director, screenwriter, animator, producer and actor


Ovadia Yosef
Ovadia Yosef, Iraqi-Israeli rabbi and scholar (d. 2013)


Mark Sandman
Mark Sandman, American singer-songwriter, guitarist, and producer (d. 1999)


Nikolai Anderson
Nikolai Anderson, Estonian philologist and author (d. 1905)


Riccardo Illy
Riccardo Illy, Italian businessman and politician, President of Friuli Venezia Giulia


Hubie Brooks
Hubie Brooks, American baseball player


Karl Alzner
Karl Alzner, Canadian ice hockey player


Julius Klengel
Julius Klengel, German cellist and composer (d. 1933)


Bhikaiji Cama
Bhikaiji Cama, Indian activist (d. 1936)


Shekha of Amarsar
Shekha of Amarsar, Rajput chieftain (d. 1488)


Eddie George
Eddie George, American football player and sportscaster


Mike González (catcher)
Mike González, Cuban baseball player, coach, and manager (d. 1977)


Jerry Donahue
Jerry Donahue, American guitarist and producer


Severo Ochoa
Severo Ochoa, Spanish-American physician and biochemist, Nobel Prize laureate (d. 1993)


Petri Pasanen
Petri Pasanen, Finnish footballer


Theo Paphitis
Theo Paphitis, Cypriot-English businessman


Eleanor Catton
Eleanor Catton, Canadian-New Zealand author


Guru Ram Das
Guru Ram Das, fourth Sikh Guru (d. 1581)


Esther Eng
Esther Eng, Chinese-American film director (d. 1970)


Tosin Adarabioyo
Tosin Adarabioyo, English Footballer


Drew Gooden
Drew Gooden, American basketball player


María de las Mercedes Adam de Aróstegui
María de las Mercedes Adam de Aróstegui, Cuban pianist and composer (d. 1957)


André Frédéric Cournand
André Frédéric Cournand, French physician and physiologist, Nobel Prize laureate (d. 1988)


Konstantin Chernenko
Konstantin Chernenko, Russian politician (d. 1985)


Casey Rabach
Casey Rabach, American football player


John Young (astronaut)
John W. Young, American captain, engineer, and astronaut (d. 2018)


John Logan (writer)
John Logan, American screenwriter and producer


Adolphe d'Archiac
Adolphe d'Archiac, French paleontologist and geologist (d. 1868)


Matthew Connolly
Matthew Connolly, English footballer


Ryan Briscoe
Ryan Briscoe, Australian race car driver


Anne of Cyprus
Anne of Cyprus, Duchess of Savoy (d. 1462)


'Adud al-Dawla
'Adud al-Dawla, Buyid king (d. 983)


Max Decugis
Max Decugis, French tennis player (d. 1978)


A. P. Herbert
A. P. Herbert, English author and playwright (d. 1971)


Steve Whitmire
Steve Whitmire, American puppeteer


Kim Jong-min
Kim Jong-min, South Korean singer


Cardiss Collins
Cardiss Collins, American lawyer and politician (d. 2013)


Stefan Molyneux
Stefan Molyneux, Irish-Canadian philosopher, author, and blogger


Morgan Hamm
Morgan Hamm, American gymnast


F. Scott Fitzgerald
F. Scott Fitzgerald, American novelist and short story writer (d. 1940)


Raffaele Farina
Raffaele Farina, Italian cardinal


Jeff Karstens
Jeff Karstens, American baseball player


Jonathan Soriano
Jonathan Soriano, Spanish footballer


Taylor Eigsti
Taylor Eigsti, American pianist and composer


Howard Florey
Howard Florey, Australian pharmacologist and pathologist, Nobel Prize laureate (d. 1968)


Georges Claude
Georges Claude, French chemist and engineer, invented Neon lighting (d. 1960)


Michael J. S. Dewar
Michael J. S. Dewar, Indian-born American theoretical chemist who developed the Dewar-Chatt-Duncanson model (d. 1997)


Lawson Robertson
Lawson Robertson, Scottish-American high jumper and coach (d. 1951)


Walter Wallmann
Walter Wallmann, German politician, Minister-President of Hesse (d. 2013)


Ruhollah Khomeini
Ruhollah Khomeini, Iranian religious leader and politician, 1st Supreme Leader of Iran (d. 1989)


Georg von Frundsberg
Georg von Frundsberg, German Knight and landowner (d. 1528)


Gerry Marsden
Gerry Marsden, English singer-songwriter and guitarist


?smet ?nönü
?smet ?nönü, Turkish general and politician, 2nd President of Turkey (d. 1973)


Noreena Hertz
Noreena Hertz, English economist, author, and academic


María Teresa Ruiz
María Teresa Ruiz, Chilean astronomer


Peter Salisbury
Peter Salisbury, English drummer


John Marshall
John Marshall, American Continental Army officer, jurist, and politician, 4th Chief Justice of the United States Supreme Court (d. 1835)


F.L.Æ. Kunzen
F.L.Æ. Kunzen, German-Danish composer and conductor (d. 1817)


Ramón de Campoamor y Campoosorio
Ramón de Campoamor y Campoosorio, Spanish poet and philosopher (d. 1901)


Pia Wurtzbach
Pia Wurtzbach, Filipina actress, model, and Miss Universe 2015 titleholder


Daniele Bennati
Daniele Bennati, Italian cyclist


Baleka Mbete
Baleka Mbete, South African politician, Speaker of the National Assembly of South Africa


William Dobell
William Dobell, Australian painter (d. 1970)


Mike Parkes
Mike Parkes, English race car driver (d. 1977)


Fats Navarro
Fats Navarro, American trumpet player and composer (d. 1950)


Conor Burns
Conor Burns, British politician


Eric Adjetey Anang
Eric Adjetey Anang, Ghanaian sculptor and carpenter


Horace Walpole
Horace Walpole, English historian, author, and politician (d. 1797)


Rajesh Khattar
Rajesh Khattar, Indian voice actor


Ben Platt, American actor
Maximiliano Uggè, Italian footballer
Gürhan Gürsoy, Turkish footballer
Cameron Price, Australian news journalist
Senzo Meyiwa, South African footballer (d. 2014)
Ben Harris, Australian rugby league player
Dean Canto, Australian race car driver
Wietse van Alten, Dutch archer
Vahur Vahtramäe, Estonian footballer
Carlos Almeida, Angolan basketball player
Rodrick Rhodes, American basketball player and coach
Kate Fleetwood, English actress
Michael S. Engel, American paleontologist and entomologist
Shamim Sarif, English author, director, and screenwriter
Michael O. Varhola, American journalist and author
Sean McNabb, American singer and bass player
Njål Ølnes, Norwegian saxophonist and composer
Ronald van der Kemp, Dutch fashion designer
Ben Preston, English journalist
Michael Potter, Australian rugby player and coach
Tim Supple, English director and producer
Luc Picard, Canadian actor, director, and screenwriter
Tony Juniper, English environmentalist and politician
Wolfgang Wolf, German footballer and manager
Peter Halley, American painter and educator
Dieter Hochheimer, German footballer and manager
Garth Porter, New Zealand-Australian singer-songwriter and producer
Stephen Mueller, American painter (d. 2011)
Pat Pocock, Welsh-English cricketer
César Pedroso, Cuban pianist and songwriter
Lars Emil Johansen, Greenlandic educator and politician, 2nd Prime Minister of Greenland
Joe Greene, American football player, coach, and actor
Carson Van Osten, American comics creator and musician (d. 2015)
Victoria Vetri, Playboy's 1967 Miss September & 1968 Playmate of the Year.
Sven-Ole Thorsen, Danish bodybuilder and stuntman
John Mackey, American football player (d. 2011)
Wayne Henderson, American trombonist and producer (d. 2014)
Steve Douglas, American saxophonist, flute player, and producer (d. 1993)
Donald Wrye, American director, screenwriter and producer (d. 2015)
Chick Willis, American singer and guitarist (d. 2013)
Bernard Nevill, English painter, designer, and academic
John Kasmin, English art dealer
John Brunner, English-Scottish author and screenwriter (d. 1995)
Tommy Anderson, Scottish footballer and manager
Mel Taylor, American drummer (d. 1996)
Anthony Newley, English singer and actor (d. 1999)
Brian Glanville, English journalist and author
Elizabeth Blackadder, Scottish painter and educator
Angelo Muscat, Maltese-English actor (d. 1977)
Arthur Malet, English-American actor and singer (d. 2013)
Autar Singh Paintal, Indian physiologist and academic (d. 2004)
Voula Zouboulaki, Egyptian-Greek actress (d. 2015)
Nina Bocharova, Ukrainian gymnast
Louis Edmonds, American actor (d. 2001)
John Moffatt, English actor and playwright (d. 2012)
Theresa Merritt, American actress and singer (d. 1998)
Bert I. Gordon, American director, producer, and screenwriter
Ettore Bastianini, Italian actor and singer (d. 1967)
Jan Carew, Guyanese-American author, poet, and playwright (d. 2012)
Ruth Leach Amonette, American businesswoman and author (d. 2004)
Robert Lewis Taylor, American soldier and author (d. 1998)
Ben Oakland, American pianist, composer, and songwriter (d. 1979)
Józef Nawrot, Polish footballer (d. 1982)
Leonard Marsh, Canadian sociologist and academic (d. 1982)
Charlotte Moore Sitterly, American astronomer (d. 1990)
Hugo Schmeisser, German weapons designer and engineer (d. 1953)
Franklin Clarence Mars, American businessman, founded Mars, Incorporated (d. 1934)
Sarah Knauss, American super-centenarian, oldest verified American person ever (d. 1999)
Charles-Ferdinand Ramuz, Swiss author and poet (d. 1947)
Charles S. West, American jurist and politician, Secretary of State of Texas (d. 1885)
Mary Ann Browne, British poet and writer of musical scores (d. 1845)
Count Leopold Joseph von Daun, Austrian field marshal (d. 1766)
Jean-Louis Lully, French composer (d. 1688)
William Adams, English sailor and navigator (d. 1620)
Ralph de Stafford, 1st Earl of Stafford, English soldier (d. 1372)